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Prayer Request

Pray for meVijo Pulikkottil Vinson | 11th January 2018

Today I am going annual vacation, please pray me and family for Happy vacation.

Pray for marriage Githin Jobison | 10th January 2018

Pray for marriage

Prayer request for getting a jobMathews M Kavukattu | 09th January 2018

I was searching a job as a Civil Engineer in UAE. Only God almighty can help in this.

Health ProblemTino George Thomas | 09th January 2018

I have been badly suffering with cold and flu for a couple of months i had taken more precuations use steaming or something like that but i dont get any relief afterthat i went to hospital doctor prescribed a medicine levoler . I had finish the course of medicine doctor told me at the end of the month you should come and tell any relief you get after that i went to him .Now getting some relief because using a spray morning and evening that way getting some relief to overcome my illness. Dr told me you have to continue this medicine for a couple of months or more than years you should continue with this medicine . I had a bend inside my nose .. the major problem is dust allergy now i am taking medicine and spray kindly tell my matter in upcoming blessing today prayer. Its a request to damian brother .jesus bless you all amen.

Getting a jobLinta jose | 08th January 2018

I lost my job 3months before and please pray for getting a new good job and there by solving our financial issues.

Fr Daniel Poovannathil Retreat Johnson Esakias | 07th January 2018

Almighty God bless me and my family and friends and others

Need a job soon. Midhun Thomas | 07th January 2018

Midhun Is looking for a job for past seven months and not yet received one. Visa is ending this month. Lord bless him with a job soon and all those who are in search of a job. Thank you Jesus.

To Get a jobJeswin Jacob | 06th January 2018

Me and My Friends ,Mr. Rashid Mohammed, Mr. Leo Poulose are in Dubai on Visit Visa, Searching for Jobs. We three are Mechanical Engineers. Mr. Rashid is trying for the Second time and his visa is up to expire. I seek prayer for getting him job Immediately and for we both also. we are in that state to get a job immediately. I request prayer for this case.

pray for my financial needssindhya davis | 04th January 2018

pray for my financial needs

Prayer to get a jobnimmya | 31st December 2017

professionaly i am a nurse at present idont have any job , please pray for me to get a good job...
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