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Prayer Request

For good jobsajishjohn | 18th December 2018

please pray for me to get a good job as i lost my job since 6 months

Prayer request Jijo Boban | 17th December 2018

For getting a job

To get a better jobSini Sunny | 17th December 2018

Pray for me to get a new better job with better salary and timings ,as i got stuck at my current workplace almost 5 years now

For a JobShaiju Vargees | 14th December 2018

Presently in Visit Visa, Lost Job, Looking for new job in the field of IT Software.

JobMathew Syriac | 09th December 2018

Kindly Pray for me to get a Good Job.

Pray to god Sinu Mathew | 07th December 2018

To confirm New Get job To get pending salary

Prayer Request to Get Pending SalariesJUSTIN JOSE | 06th December 2018

Please pray for me to get my pending salaries cleared and to clear off all my Debts

Prayer. RequestSheena Ravi | 02nd December 2018

My mother is seviour burning sensation on. full body and nail on right foot and my son Albert is having bleeding through nose

For Easy Recovery from severe fever. JESWIN JACOB | 02nd December 2018

My Sister-in-law,who is a mother of 4 childern, is suffering from severe fever for more than 2 weeks. The disease is not yet diagnosed and she is now admitted in Aster Medcity kochi and waiting for the bone marrow test tomorrow (02.12.2018). I seek everyone's prayer help for her early recovery without any serious problems, to get back home to her childern. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Our lord through blessed Mother Mary and All saints before our Father in Heaven. I believe our prayers will protect her.


Merciful Lord please intervene in those who are facing financial problems especially in Precillia's family.
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