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Prayer Request

Prayer request John Thomas | 23rd August 2017

My brother wife (name Liby benchmin )cancer

IELTS Exam - Migration to abroadJoseph Johnson | 23rd August 2017

I am working in Dubai since 2013. Now I get married, but my salary is not that much enough to live together with my wife. I and my wife also searched for many jobs but did not get. Now we are trying to migrate to another country, for that we are preparing for IELTS exam. Subjects seem to be tough, failed in the first attempt. So please pray for us to understand and study the language well.May the holy spirit come to us and fulfill our dreams.Please pray for us.

To get a jobRiya joy | 21st August 2017

To get a job that is being on hold due to qatar problems..or to get another job

Please pray for meMebin Baby | 20th August 2017

Abba pithave...Oru jobinu vendi vannathanu but job onnum kittiyilla, personal loan kurach und ath veettanam. Athinu vendiyanu vannath so oru job thannu enne bless cheyanam.. Koodathe maranam vare sincere aayi jeevikkan enikk shakthi nalkanam. Jadika paapangalil ninnu enikk mochanam venam...Nanmayil urach nilkkuvanulla oru power thannu bless cheyanam...paapavum paapa sahacharyangalum vittupekshikkan enikk vendi pray cheyanam. E 2 karyangal enikk saadhich thannu anughrahikkane ennu prarthikkunnu..Amen

Please pray for meManu Mathew | 18th August 2017

Enta name Manu Mathew, njan iveda vanitta 1.5 month aye enika itha vara iveda Joli onum kittye illa, entha enkilum nalla oru Joli kittuvan vendi enika vendi prathikanam, njan iveda Alainil oru Joli kittye vanatha ana salary 1600, food and accommodation tharam enna ana nattil Nina vilichappol paranjthabut iveda vanappol 1200, food and accommodation njan thana kandupidekanam enna paranju. Atha konda aa Joli venda enna vechu. Nattil 25 lacks kadam und athum veedan vendi prathikanam Please pray for me

Please pray for meChikku Rony | 18th August 2017

O lord our God,please help me to find a worthwhile job and support my family in decent way...

Please pray for meJomon | 18th August 2017

I am suffering from palpitations and cannot sleep at night I have fear about my situation kindly pray for me

Prayer requestEbin Joseph | 18th August 2017

I am looking for my life partner for last few months till now no more positive responses. Request to pray for getting a suitable life partner. My brother looks for higher study abroad visa processing is going on. Please remember him also to get a opportunity to study abroad with out any problems in this processing

Please pray for meLinto P Thomas | 18th August 2017

My sister and brother-in-law changed to JW from Christianity they live in Dubai. Both the family have worried about this interchange. They all seem to pray for change of mind. Please you too pray for us.

Please pray for meAMAL THOMAS | 17th August 2017

My name is Amal Thomas i came dubai in a visiting visa mode for searching job . but i did not found a job i searching and applying through internet , news paper.etc. But no one contact me. there are so many problems in my family especially financially. So i here to request you to please pray for me.
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