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Prayer Request

pray for my uncles familySONI | 25th June 2017

Praise the Lord. Dear father , kindly pray for my uncles family and especially for their elder daughter Rojimole .After the birth of her first daughter, she became sick with art heretics , and go for many treatments and not yet get cure.she has been suffering with pain for more than 3.5 half years and she is pregnant now and physically very weak . her husband and his family is not caring her and now at the stage of thinking divorce. my uncle is old and dont have only two daughter. so the whole family is very sad . kindly pray for us

Pray for my brother sanjuSoni Joseph | 25th June 2017

Praise the lord.dear brothers and sisters in Christ, please for my brother sanju, he is facing a case in Kerala. He is innocent and because o this case, he cant look job in gulf. Kindly pray , to close this case at the earliest. Please for all the people include in this case for getting the true wisdom.of holy Spirit

Please pray for meJOBY MICHAEL | 19th June 2017

Please Pray for me I lost Job and now I am looking for an Accountant job I attended two interviews but till now no response them . my last day in Dubai is 27/06/2017.

Please pray for my marriageRaigon Dominic | 17th June 2017

Please pray for my marriage

pray for my familyAjish | 12th June 2017

praise the lord, please pray for me to overcome my financial problems ana build a house. please remember me in your prayers.

Please pray for my marriage.Abin George | 11th June 2017

Please pray for my marriage.

Pary for a jobJacob Tom | 10th June 2017

Kindly pray to get a better job for me and my wife, as we are looking for an opening in a good company since long time..

Pray for My mother Daris | 10th June 2017

Ammayude asugam

Pray for My mother Nephin | 09th June 2017

My mother was affected stroke, now is on bed rest, please pray for her recovery.

Please pray for meAjish | 06th June 2017

please pray for me to overcome my financial problems. and making a house.
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