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Prayer Request

Pray for a jobCINI THOMAS | 08th April 2017

Praise The Lord, Now me and my husband on visit visa and it expire on this month 23rd. We are searching a job but we do not get a job. So please for us for a good job.

Pray for a jobAnil Sebastian | 08th April 2017

My Nephew Alwin Joseph is searchng for a job and he is in Visit Visa. I am praying for hin to get a job visa

Pray for a jobSaneesh | 08th April 2017

To get a good UAE government job in Accounts/Finance sector

Get jobAntony Joseph | 07th April 2017

Kindly pray for me getting a job

Pray for a jobAntony Joseph | 07th April 2017

Please pray for me find a job

Pray for meJoseph thomas | 07th April 2017

I have applied to remove my overstay fine in aweer immigration. Have fine 24K. I have new visa aproval just want to change. I was in jail 3 month because of cheque bounce.. I sign cheque for the company but the new owner of the company not paying auto loan installment.. i am not working from jan 2016 i loose my all bussiness becauae of the sponsor. I have filed case againest them. please pray for me.

Pray for a jobnimmy jose | 06th April 2017

for job

Pray for a jobRaisy Santhosh | 05th April 2017

Kindly pray for me to get a job in SEHA.

JobTony Thomas | 04th April 2017

Kindly pray for me for getting a job.

Pray for big financial crisisFenil Jose | 04th April 2017

Me and my family facing a big financial crisis this time , lots of debts in front of me and also my wife can not getting salary past 5 months and also I have no job please pray for me and my family
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