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Prayer Request

Pray for my brotherSONI | 26th February 2017

Kindly pray for my brother Sanju, for getting free from one case in India and also for leading good family life and getting a good job . Thanks God

Prayer request for a jobTreesa shijo | 26th February 2017

Prayer request for a job

Job securitySebi Jose | 25th February 2017

Job security

Please pray for ANN MAryBiju | 25th February 2017

Please pray for ANN MAry -Leg problem

please pray for me to stop this sinBiju | 25th February 2017

Dear Brother in christ, my nane is biju, working in Dubai. i have one bad habbit . i approched 9 prostitutes from sept 2016 to 23.02.2017 . i lost many cash . i confessed but after that i went 3 times . i cannot stop this bad habit . please pray for me to stop this sin.

incrementBiju | 25th February 2017

Dear Brother, Please pray for me to get increment and stop bad habits and for getting good confession

For a better jobSophia | 25th February 2017

For a better job

for passing IELTS examJean & Tijo | 25th February 2017

We request your prayers for being blessed with a child/children and also for passing IELTS exam

credit problemBenzly Dcruz | 24th February 2017

I am in DUBAI.doing business .all my efforts failed.lot of credit problem.not able to run business.pray for me my family and day to day business

prayer requesttenjith | 24th February 2017

please pray for my brother marriage and my sons exam starting jenyrao 7 class,prince 4 class
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