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Prayer Request

Seeking Job.Dunlet Philips. | 28th August 2015

Remember in your prayer for people who will looking jobs.

Prayer request for childrenJOHN | 22nd August 2015

Kindly do remember all the children in prayer, who will be going back to school, after their vacation. Let us pray to God, to provide them with Health, memory power, happiness & support from all parents and teachers.

pray for tensionajish unnittan | 10th August 2015

pray for my sister asha. for her sickness and fear. blame and pressure.please pray for her to courage and overcome her tension slso.

please pray for usajish unnittan | 19th July 2015

plese pray for my family. and especiaaly my sister she is suffering illness. blame and plesue. please pray for her to courage. and overcome her tensions also....

bless my familyAJISH UNNITTAN | 14th July 2015


JobANCY | 13th July 2015

Praise the lord : i am writing this prayer reuest to get job fast as possible. i have applied to so many companies and this week i had an interview they said they will inform me as soon .but till now i didnt get any reply ... i want a job fast ... i have to 3 postions : accountant , customer service and sales coordinator . please accept my prayer request and help me to get job fast as soon as possible "peace me with you "

prayer for childrenajish unnittan | 06th July 2015

prayer for our children well being. and promotion of my job. and health of my whole family.and prayer for all sick.

bless my family manoj george | 02nd July 2015

please pray for my family, they are suffering with illness, blames & pressure. please pray for my family to get health well so they get more time for prayer and care others

GOD'S CALLSubitha Fernandez | 02nd July 2015

Dear Brothers / Sisters, We have 3 children, we are offering all the three children under the feet of our Lord Jesus. We are praying for the children to get call from Lord our God and work for Him and Glorify His Name. But we know that we are worthless people. Please pray for our children to become an instrument of God.

daughters marriageSharon joseph | 01st July 2015

dear Malayalam catholic prayer team in Dubai, we are looking for a life partner for our daughter Sharon,since more than a year.she completed 26 years.kindly pray for her to get suitable partner according to Gods will. thanks parents
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