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Prayer Request

UAE Visa RenewalMaria Symss | 07th February 2016

Kindly request you to offer my petitions to Jesus and Mary for the following: 1. Three months have passed, My UAE Visa has not been approved. 2. My daughter to have a better knowledge of the Word of God and to be humble. 3. Young Adult together with his father refuses to attend the Holy Mass. Thank you

pray for fianceajish unnittan | 04th February 2016

please pry for my financial problems and my childrens visa

for a jobBiju | 13th January 2016

Dear Father, Now i am on visit visa , will expire on feb 1st week. i attended interviews and waiting for selection ,please pray for me to get a job as early

To Clear Financial BurdenJITHIN | 13th December 2015

Dear Team, please pray for my family to clear our 30 long years financial debt and to start a new life.

pray for financeajish unnittan | 09th December 2015

please pray for finance

Prayer for a JobVandana | 09th December 2015

Please pray that I get a gainful job in a respectable company where I can make best use of my God-given skills and take good care of my aging Mom. I have been unemployed for almost a year now and have been pulling through, by the grace of God, with a few freelance stints. Please remember me and my Mom in your prayers.

Selling House and LandTOMI JOSEPH | 06th December 2015

Please pray for me selling my house and land.

Thanksgiving prayersuj john | 25th November 2015

By the grace of God, my wife Vincy had got her DHA License renewed on 24th Nov 2015. We had requested towards the DHA License Renewal on 23rd Nov 2015 and we are amazed by the work of God. We thank Almighty God for His mercy bestowed upon us.

Prayer request for renewal - DHA Licensesuj john | 23rd November 2015

Kindly pray for the renewal of DHA license, for my wife VINCY and we thank God, for all the blessings showered upon us.

job biju | 15th November 2015

please pray for me to get a good job. now i am on visit visa
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