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Prayer Request

Prayer for deliveranceSalath Mary | 21st December 2020

Kindly pray for Noel Raj a drug addict. He lost his father a few months back due to heart attack. Now he is troubling his mother. Thank you.

Lucia | 06th December 2020

I ask for prayers for my mother SPERANZA suffering from serious health, family and economic problems. Lucia

prayer requestzaneta | 05th November 2020

please pray big healing and blessing miracle for my mother and my sisters and me. Please pray for hope and financial blessing for me. Thank You.

Basil | 25th October 2020

Please pray for getting a job and curing my illness

Roga soukhyamTinu OOMMEN | 23rd October 2020

I am suffering from covid 19 and admitted in al zahra hospital sharjah. I am requesting the group to pray for my speedy recovery and discharge. Please

husband chatingSoji Mathew | 15th September 2020

Please pray for my husband. He is cheating on me.He is flirting with other ladies all the time. He is always with his mobile chatting with there is always quarrel at home and no peace of mind. He is interested in other ladies and shares everything with other ladies.He is addicted to mobile.So he is not sharing or caring his wife or kids.He consider it as modern life and does not find it as sin.The happiness,peace of our family has been destroyed by this. Please pray for my husband to be away from flirting with other ladies. Also pray for relieving him from his addiction to mobiles .Pray that the Holy Spirit to free my husband from lust and wrong company also help him to understand his sin and to confess it and to repent of it. Pray for our family peace and unity .

Prayer request for visa and marriageMayrin George | 14th September 2020

I request your prayer to get my visa which has been pending due to covid and marriage blocks to move away. I ask Mary's intercession as well. Thank you Jesus.

Prayer requestAsha j chirayath | 13th August 2020

Pls pray for my family to get tenants for our newly constructed extension of our house

Prayer for my both sonsOmmen | 28th May 2020

My younger son is 2 and half years but he is not talking pls pray that he can talk and can do all normal activities in his age. Pls pray for my family health .

Requesting prayerDevis | 26th April 2020

Pray for me to clear my Bank loans for HOME CONSTRUCTION. Pray for finishing my HOME CONSTRUCTION. Pray for my Family problems. Pray for my Job areas.
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